At the end of January, AgriBevents decided tothe to postpone the edition of the renewed Agridagen from March to 20 to 22 May. Since then, a lot of hard work has been done behind the scenes to shape the fair. With more than 200 registered exhibitors, 3 current sector seminars and 4 competitions, the organization seems to be succeeding in this aim. The countdown to a happy reunion with the agricultural sector can now really begin!


First agricultural fair in six months

AgriBevents initially thought of immediately postponing the fair to 2024, but came back to that decision in consultation with the vast majority of exhibitors.

“However, the organization of an agricultural event at the end of May is not self-evident”, explains President Georges Van Keerberghen. “Even though most crops have already been planted and sown, it can still be busy in the field, especially for cattle farmers. In addition, you also have to take into account communions and numerous postponed family celebrations. However, we are convinced that the need for social contact after the corona crisis is greater than ever. Agridagen is the first agricultural fair in more than six months! We are really looking forward to welcoming all farmers to Weelde Depot.”

Creating a positive environment

In the meantime, there is much to discuss. The Flemish Government is putting the agricultural sector under heavy pressure with the nitrogen agreement and the rising raw material prices are also a serious cause for concern.

“First of all, we want to create a positive environment at the Agri Days where visitors can put their worries aside for a while. Getting acquainted with new products and services, networking with fellow farmers between pot and pint, enjoying the atmosphere… that's what the Agri Days are all about. But of course we are not blind to reality. The PAS issue will certainly be discussed during the official opening as well as at the sector seminars. As a trade fair organizer, we are deeply committed to the future of the agricultural sector and we sympathize with all affected farmers.”


Full edition

In the meantime, more than 200 exhibitors have already registered for this special spring edition of the Agridagen.

“We are proud that we can present a fully-fledged fair in these circumstances. All sectors are well represented. In addition, in collaboration with numerous motivated partners, we are once again launching a varied range of seminars and competitions. All this proves that the Agri Days have become a permanent fixture on the exhibition calendar. We are extremely grateful to all exhibitors for their commitment during this special period!” concludes the President.