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Weelde Depot
No End – 2381 Ravels


The fair opens its doors on the following days:

Entrance fee

The entrance fee is € 14. Children (-12 years) can enter for free. Participation in the seminars is included in the entrance fee, but pre-registration is required.


You can park for free in the immediate vicinity of the fairgrounds. The organization has provided more than 5,000 parking spaces. Follow the 'Parking Visitors' signs for the easiest way to get there.


Weelde Depot
No End – 2381 Ravels

Coming from the direction of Turnhout

Coming from Baarle-Nassau/Baarle-Hertog

Coming from Tilburg

Plattegrond bereikbaarheid Agridagen


Agridagen will take place in the Weelde Depot, a new event complex located in the heart of a genuine agricultural region.

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