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Everything about our animal competitions

Animals belong at an agricultural fair! That is why we are also organizing a number of animal prize camps this edition. Read all about it here. 

4th Junior Holstein Show Flanders

The 4the Junior Holsteinshow Flanders is a competition in which we look for the best young breeder/livestock farmer in Flanders. Unlike previous editions, now on Fridays, the focus is only on shearing or preparing a young Holstein animal for competition. The presentation or showmanship is integrated in the program on Saturday.

13.30: Shave demo
3 p.m.: Shaving competition



Flemish Holstein Show

After 2 years without events, the enthusiasm among the inspection enthusiasts is extra great. That is why we are organizing a Flemish competition this year in collaboration with the committee of the provincial dairy competition in Antwerp. The Flemish Holstein Show gives all Flemish breeders the opportunity to have their best black and red pied lactating animals and young stock from 6 months old participate in the competition. Extra attention is paid to the best red & white of the day.

10.00 am: Inspection and championship of uncalved animals
11 a.m.: Showmanship and Championship
12.20 pm: Inspection and championship heifers
13.00h: Break
13.30: Judging and championship young cows
2.15 pm: Inspection and championship cows
3 p.m.: Award ceremony

Flemish competition Belgian white blue

After last year's success, the board of the Antwerp Meat CRV department is once again organizing a competition for pedigree cattle of the Belgian white-blue breed during the Agridagen. Both male and female animals (from 6 months) from all over Flanders take part in this competition, which also includes a separate series for suckling pairs (cow with calf).

The passion for livestock farming is perfectly expressed during this show in which breeders compete in a sporting manner for the title of the best animal in Flanders. With a separate series in which young breeders and visitors can present an animal themselves in the ring, the organization wants to introduce the public to this Belgian cattle breed.


Competition Belgian Miniature Horse

Every year, the Belgian Studbook for the Miniature Horse organizes several competitions for miniature horses. Different series are offered at these competitions, in which the diversity of the miniature horse is discussed as much as possible. 

In addition to the classic competition, there are also series in which the emphasis is on the handler instead of on the horse itself. In addition, there is also time for a show part in the entertainment series with jumping and agility.

Animal Exhibition

A permanent animal exhibition has once again been set up on the Agridagen. With this, the exhibition organization wants to introduce visitors to a number of (agricultural) animals.

The Blonde d'Aquitaine Flanders studbook shows some of its impressive cattle. The small livestock association 'Maes en Kempen Stokkem' exhibits many rabbit breeds. Recently there is also a new petting zoo in Ravels. He will bring some of their alpacas and other animals! Sheep and miniature horses complete the exhibition.



Agridagen will take place in the Weelde Depot, a new event complex located in the heart of a genuine agricultural region.

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