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Also this edition, our sector working groups have prepared 3 interesting seminars for you. Read all about it here and participate for free.

Seminar on cattle farming: “Can the cow still moo?”

The climatic and societal challenges for the agricultural and horticultural sector are becoming increasingly apparent, not least because of the proposed nitrogen policy. This is no different for cattle farming. Nevertheless, many parties also see a place for our sector in Flanders in the longer term. Joris Relaes interprets, from a scientific point of view, the various figures that are often quoted about the sector. He also explains how the sector can perpetuate itself in the future.

It needs little explanation that the dairy sector is closely linked to the dairy industry. This link is therefore crucial for every dairy farmer. Renaat Debergh explains how BCZ views the PAS problem. In addition, the dairy industry is close to the consumer. How does it deal with social trends?

For more information: Invitation to seminar cattle Agridagen


Poultry farming seminar: “Can the chicken still cluck?”

The genetics in poultry farming has propelled the sector to spectacular production efficiencies. Professor emeritus Eddy Decuypere has experienced it up close throughout his career. What is the impact of current trends on efficiency, animal welfare and the environment?

Hilko Ellen has been working intensively on emissions from poultry farming for years. How does he view the Flemish PAS ideas? Can we learn from the research from the Netherlands? The odor problem is also one of his areas of research.

For more information: Invitation seminar poultry Agridays

Pig farming seminar: “Can we still wash the pig?”

The pig sector has been in turbulent waters for some time now. The weak profitability is worrying many entrepreneurs. Recently, the PAS story was added. During this period, the sector organization for pig farming was also established: PORK.be. Filip Fontaine will explain the objectives of this new organization.

We will then organize an interesting panel discussion with two farmers, Katrien D'Hooghe from BFA and Anneleen Vandewynckel (Fenavian). The argument about PORK.be is further discussed and the current situation of pig farming is examined in more detail across the entire chain.

For more information: Invitation pig Agridays seminar


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Agridagen will take place in the Weelde Depot, a new event complex located in the heart of a genuine agricultural region.

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