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farmers speak

Our sector working groups have also prepared 3 interesting seminars for you in this edition.

In each seminar, several speakers present a challenging theme in five minutes. Our panels of livestock farmers then fillet the various racks. Afterwards you can have a nice chat with fellow farmers during a reception offered by the sponsors.

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Cattle farming seminar

Feeding fresh grass, a success story?

Feeding fresh grass is on the rise. Dutch pioneers achieve up to 20 tons of dry matter per hectare. Can we project this on the Flemish dairy farmer?

Towards an even more sustainable dairy farming

MilkBE's sustainability monitor shows that we are doing well and provides tools for further sustainability.

The numbers behind the cow

We look at the relationship between the gross balance and the replacement rate.

Dare to do business differently!

Generations are changing with new ways of working and dealing with labor.

For more information: Invitation to seminar cattle Agridagen


Poultry farming seminar

Concept chickens, the holy grail?

Each concept has its own specifications (lower occupancy, natural light, etc.). This is also possible with regular or other breeds. Erik Hoeven sheds light on this matter.

Do trade agreements threaten our poultry farming?

Our poultry farmers work with high standards and therefore high costs. Can we compete against countries with lower standards? What is the impact of trade agreements on this issue?

For more information: Invitation seminar poultry Agridays

Pig farming seminar

Biosafety, also your way of working?

Colleagues use videos to show that biosafety is achievable at every company.

100% circular pigs: reality or fiction?

What are the possibilities of circularity within current pig farming?

The pig from farmer to consumer: Duroc de Kempen

A conscious consumer wants to know where the meat comes from. Duroc de Kempen actively worked on this.

Impact of PORK.be on the chain!

PORK.be sees commercial opportunities within the chain and prepares the sector for new challenges.  

For more information: Invitation pig Agridays seminar


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Agridagen will take place in the Weelde Depot, a new event complex located in the heart of a genuine agricultural region.

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