We offer professional dairy farmers the most technologically advanced health management system aimed at preventing diseases in dairy cows. As a result, farmers achieve stable high milk yields, reduce the use of antibiotics many times over and significantly increase animal welfare. Through 24/7 monitoring and optimisation of time-consuming daily tasks, the entire work process on dairy farms can be made more efficient. In this way, we make an important contribution to the stability and profitability of dairy farming worldwide.


smaXtec boluses
With the smaXtec Classic Bolus you monitor each of your cows’ health status and get information about the time of calving and oestrus. The smaXtec Classic Bolus is administered to every animal and provides you with valuable insights for each animal.

THE SMAXTEC PH BOLUS With the multiply awarded smaXtec pH Bolus you monitor your herd’s feeding status. Additionally, you know each cow’s health status and are informed about oestrus and calving. The smaXtec pH Bolus is administered to 6 to 10% of the herd and allows for conclusions about the herd’s, respectively the group’s feeding.

smaXtec Software
With our software applications you stay connected to your farm at all times and easily access cow and herd data. If you want to, you can share your data with others such as your vet, employees or family members. This way, you all benefit from valuable information and actionable recommendations, and you create a smooth and efficient working routine with smaXtec. The smaXtec software enables you to always keep an eye on your animals. It informs you whenever action is required. You can access your data via browser on every PC or by using the smaXtec App for iOS or Android.