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A reliable AGR-GPS for all manure transports

As a family business with its roots firmly anchored in Flemish soil, we know how important it is to achieve as much as possible with as few resources as possible. Every euro counts here, so it is best to invest immediately in reliable equipment that you need to keep working without interruptions. Especially when it comes to a mandatory system that is imposed on you by the government. Since 2008, All-Connects has been the market leader in AGR-GPS systems for manure transport, both for recognized fertilizer feeders and for farmers who transport fertilizer via the neighbor scheme. Would you like to know more about the AGR-GPS app neighbor scheme or the AGR-GPS system for recognized fertilizer feeders? Come and talk to us at our booth 2133!

Brands and products

  • AGR-GPS system for recognized fertilizer feeders
  • AGR-GPS neighbor scheme app
  • Track&Trace System
  • Material trackers