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Maintaining a healthy herd, delivering healthy food and ensuring the quality of raw milk is what we at DGZ-MCC-Vivee strive for every day, together with our customers. We are proud of our customers and their invaluable value to society. They can rely on DGZ, MCC and Vivee as leading solution-oriented partners with a versatile package of services. We continuously invest to provide quality and reliable services.

As a link between the livestock farmer, his veterinarian, the government and the sector, we at DGZ-MCC-Vivee create value for all our customers who are central to everything we do.

You are most welcome at the DGZ-MCC-Vivee booth, for a chat or with questions you have about milk research, animal health and/or the identification of your animals while enjoying a cup of coffee or a drink.

Together for healthy animals. Together for people and animals!