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A good supply of minerals, supplemented with specific herbs and other vegetable ingredients, ensures that your animals function better. We call this the natural support – the natural support. You support the resilience and recovery capacity of your animals. This makes them more robust; they feel good and are less prone to illness and other discomforts. You thus achieve optimal growth and production. The result: a better return.

At Herbavita, we have been supplying nutritional supplements based on minerals, vitamins, herbs, essential oils and other natural ingredients for over 25 years. Our customers know us as the independent advisor and supplier of supplementary feeds with which they improve their return. Our approach ensures that healthy animals stay healthy and perform better. Under your own power.

Brands and products

  • Optistart: Gives a boost after birth
  • Herbacid Calf: Improves Digestion
  • Rumiform Digest: Supports Gut Health
  • Herbaflux: Strengthens the intestinal flora
  • Bronchimax: Soothes the airways
  • Herbacid Cow: Improves forage utilization
  • Rumiform Yeast+: Increases feed intake
  • Herbadry: Inhibits the milk urge
  • Rumiform Energy: Accelerates rumen action
  • Herbamas: Optimizes udder health
  • Rumiform Cell: Decreases the cell count
  • Rumiform Detox: Gives a boost to the recovery capacity
  • Ovumax: Stimulates Fertility
  • Optidracht: Supports a smooth birth
  • Herbacid Beef Cattle: Stimulates muscle growth from roughage
  • Rumiform Max: Supports growth in the fattening phase
  • Herbamin: Vitamin and mineral mixtures for optimum efficiency
  • Vitachoc Boost: Extra boost for performance
  • Vitachoc E100+Se50: Fixed value for the resistance
  • Rumibloc: Like buckets to be supplemented for specific needs
  • HerbaTox: Protection against mycotoxins
  • Silocare: Silage agent